"Finding the river"

Botanical bio artist | 108 Ceramics | Permaculture | Yoga teacher | Author

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Mother, teacher, artist, author, Pammy has spent more than 20 years following a yogic path of wellness, creativity and simplicity.

After studying the Reggio Emilia approach and combining her passion for children’s development and the environment, Rainbow Pammy developed her own brand of children’s yoga.  This lead to first book, Rainbow Warriors and the Golden Bow, as well as the publication of her Affirmation Cards and Sun Salute poster.

Her studies of Yoga and Mindfulness came under the guidance of renowned yoga masters Gregor Maehle, AG Mohan and Indra Mohan.

As Pammy’s family and circle grew, so did her passion for holistic well being. Self compassion, nature and art journaling became a big part of her personal practice when she started holding space for women, in her yurt (Rainbow Hollow) nestled in the Perth Hills.  Holding these circles turned  Pammy’s attention to the connection between women and the significance of these journeys.  This was the catalyst for Pammy’s workshops.

With her Mindful in nature programs for kids, her community grew and she developed Rainbow Hollow Mindful Garden Village.

A homebased community that grew in alignment with nature and the seasons a holistic, conscious village for children and their families to learn, create, develop connection to the land and connection to themselves.

As she started studying art therapy to further develop her yogic and creative path her own personal journey grew towards nature based art studies and a mindfulness practice in ceramics and botanical art. From here She developed the 108 Sadhana Ceremonial Cup Project. Where she hand built one clay cup every day for 108 days along with her daily Japa Mala meditation. 108 breath rotations and her personal Sadhana practice. (Now available as workshops)

Pammy lives her life building an eco system to explore in her very own garden, living close to the permaculture principles, growing her own food, raising animals, alongside the beautiful rivers and trees in her hometown in the Perth hills. She documents, records, observes, photographs, explores microscopic images and turns nature into beautiful works of art.

With yoga, homeschooling, mindful in nature workshops, art therapy, ceramics and permaculture Pammy enjoys sharing her journey with like minded friends in creating a more simple homebased life.



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