That little “pluck” sound is so satisfying it makes me secretly smile within as I pick the sweet little, yellow centered, white petalled flowers off the bush.

The bird calls are many and my ducks rummage through the mint patch, leaving a pleasant, homely scent floating through the air.

lemon verbena, lemon balm, chamomile and 5 bright orange, waxy calendula flowers plucked as I admired them, sitting pretty in the sun.

I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to create beauty like this in the garden. A simple little drying basket of herbs, my very own tea blend.

The rush of the water rolling out the spout of my hand built teapot, washing the steeped tea into beautiful cups I created with earth. My hands cup around the perfect, imperfect , warm ceramic and I sip my first mouthful of fresh, sweet tea.

‘Delicious’ I thought as I closed my eyes to savour this moment, trying to pick out the taste and smell of each individual herb.

This very small, mindful moment of my day was an embodied, creative, expression of my life, a love letter to myself.

Art really is in everything,

In the growing of a garden ,

In the making of the functional wares,

In the pouring of the tea and

In the way you drink it.

*I have been practicing ‘object writing’ this week and I thought I would share this one. The object was ‘chamomile’ and I gave myself 5 minutes to write it. I was so excited by this curiosity that I went straight outside to create this story in real life. Object writing is a time writing practice in creative exploration and play, a training or opening up of the creative brain where you let go of perfection and result driven thinking. I love it a lot.

Also I have been playing in the garden a lot this spring, creating tea blend for my October Clay Gatherings. If you would like to learn how to hand build your own cup, come and join us either the evening of the 20th or the morning of the 21st of October to play with clay and drink tea in my little greenhouse studio in the Perth hills. Message me to register as places are very limited.

Thanks for reading my little exploration in creative play.

until next time,

lots of love




Rainbow Pammy
Pammy is an avid lover of nature and art as a tool for mindfulness, She study's and explores her surroundings in the Perth hills and beaches to create raw and organic pieces including botanic art, ceramics, wild clay, printings, pressings and preserving's. With the idea of country heals, art heals, she uses nature and the practices of yoga in both her daily life, in her permaculture garden and her art. Pammy aspires to share her passion for sustainability, the connection to land and country and art as healing with her wider community through gatherings, workshops and yoga.

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