Journal Entry #1

Sunflowers are finally bursting open in my garden. With their giant sun filled faces smiling at me from the back deck. The whole patch holds about 10, 5 foot tall stems and 3 of them look like they will grow 5 heads on each one! Not as large as last year but definitely just as beautiful.

My mornings start early here, with the duck calls around 6:30am and I m usually attending them by 7am. I never used to be a morning person, but over the years while raising chickens, I have come to appreciate it. One of the first things I do most mornings is step outside into the fresh air no matter the season.

There is always a cold cup of Yorkshire tea on my bedside when I wake (Simon always leaves one before he leaves for the city), I sip a few sips before zapping it the microwave, grab the chicken scrap bowl and head outside, still in my pj’s. Letting the animals out always brings a smile to my face each morning and starting the day outdoors helps keep me motivated and awake for the day.

The beginning of this year was really tough, with a bout of shadowy mind, I had stepped into a dark hole. It was tough to say the least and along with it, an Iron and b12 deficiency was lagging my perception. During these days the garden and this little morning routine helped keep me grounded, well at least enough to get me up in the morning.

During this time I turned inward to a place I now call my “true north”. It took a while to realise it because it came from somewhere not so fun, but it lead me here.

I’m feeling pretty excited and a bit anxious to start sharing like this but I also feel that this is part of the great healing. Writing a blog again is good for me, it gives me a real personal, creative way to connect with you guys and a safe place to ramble. I know that connecting and sharing here on my website gives me a bit more freedom and I can share on a deeper level than any other platform I use. It also helps me break down that monkey mind.

  I’m sure it will be confronting for me at times to tell stories in journal form so openly like this but I have reached a point in my life where I am ready to be more open and I know we will learn a lot from each other too.

 I’m hoping to explore and give more meaning and understanding into the connection I have with this land, as well as how nature is my biggest creative inspiration. I would love to look deeper into healing through art and my creative process. Along with the mindfulness in growing a garden and what that can look like.

Well, we’ll see how this goes. I very much would love interaction with you all, a community as such, where we can chat about any of the topics that come up, weather that be about how we are feeling this week, how to keep those cabbage moths away or glazing ideas for an upcoming ceramics project.

Anyway, these blogs will be titled as journal entries and I hope to write once a week or when the flow hits, just as I would write in my own journal.

I hope you come along for the ride.

Thanks for being here.


Rainbow Pammy
Pammy is an avid lover of nature and art as a tool for mindfulness, She study's and explores her surroundings in the Perth hills and beaches to create raw and organic pieces including botanic art, ceramics, wild clay, printings, pressings and preserving's. With the idea of country heals, art heals, she uses nature and the practices of yoga in both her daily life, in her permaculture garden and her art. Pammy aspires to share her passion for sustainability, the connection to land and country and art as healing with her wider community through gatherings, workshops and yoga.

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